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Capsule Endoscopy (Pillcam)

Capsule endoscopy utilizes a small wireless camera in the shape of a pill that is swallowed in order to visualize the small intestine (small bowel). The small intestine is a difficult place to evaluate as it lies between the stomach and the colon and is approximately 22 feet in length. Once a person swallows the capsule usually first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, a small battery pack is placed around your waist that will wirelessly capture pictures transmitted from the capsule. At the end of the day approximately 6-8 hours later the battery pack is returned to the office where the video images can be downloaded to a computer and reviewed by your doctor to diagnose problems of the small intestine. It does not require any sedation and there is very little preparation for the exam. There are no restrictions in driving or activity throughout the day. The disposable video capsule passes with a normal bowel movement within a few days after the exam.